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Coaching packages

For businesses

Empower, retain and facilitate the growth of your in-house talent.

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Benefits of Executive Coaching


increase in return on investment (ROI)


would repeat the coaching process


improvement in productivity 


improvement of quality of work


improvement on retention rates


Bespoke packages

I'll create a tailored package based around your objectives and timeframe. I can work as an in-house coach or on a project basis. 

Reach out via the contact form or by emailing me on to find out how I can help you and your business support, retain and develop your employees.

Parental Support Strategy & Career Transitions
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Parental Support Strategy

Parental transition coaching has proven to increase retention rates and boost productivity. Coaching gives parents the necessary support to help them navigate this life transition and provides their Managers with tools and strategies to support them and their ongoing growth.

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Career Transitions

There can be a lot of change during a career transition, such as a promotion or team change. Coaching can help create a growth mindset, boost confidence and increase performance during the lead up, during and post transition.

Leadership Development

Professional Development

Leadership & Professional Development
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Leadership Development coaching helps to create an environment which harnesses motivation, honesty and productivity to boost employee performance.

Through coaching, you can gain a deeper understanding of your strengths, values and motivators. You can use this knowledge to help you successfully work towards your goals.

Luke A.

"When we brought Annabella on board to assist with the growth and development of one of our employees, we had high hopes for positive change. Not only did Annabella meet our expectations, but she exceeded them in every way possible. Over the course of just a few months, we witnessed a remarkable transformation in the individual undergoing coaching with Annabella. Their motivation, efficiency levels and their strategic input improved which positively influenced our entire business. What sets Annabella apart is not just her expertise in leadership and professional development, but her genuine dedication to the growth and success of each individual she works with. I highly recommend Annabella to any business seeking to cultivate a culture of growth and development within their team."
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Get in touch

If you want to find out more or discuss a tailored package,  fill out the contact form or email me on

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