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Top Coaching Goals Frequently Asked by my Clients

I've had the privilege of working with many people, each with a whole load of aspirations. One thing I’ve learnt since I first started coaching is that we are not alone when it comes to our concerns, issues and also goals. I find myself thinking “I do that”, “I think that”, “I struggle with that” or “I aspire to that” too… in most of my sessions. That being said, I’ve broken down the top goals people come to me with from a life and executive coaching perspective.

Life Coaching

Mastering Work-Life Balance:

Juggling career ambitions, personal relationships, childcare and self-care. It's the classic tightrope act we all perform, and my clients often approach me with the desire to not just manage this balancing act but also master it by figuring out what actually is the right balance for them and their circumstances.

Career Pivot and Progress:

Change is the only constant, right? I’ve had clients itch for a career shake-up, seeking guidance not only on the prospect of a new professional path but also going deeper to understand where this itch has come from. Whether there’s an itch that can be scratched in your current company by working on ways to improve your current position or take a strategic climb up the corporate ladder. Or whether it is time to move on to a new beginning elsewhere, including taking a leap into entrepreneurship.

Boosting Self-Confidence and Assertiveness:

In a world that sometimes feels like a stage, confidence is the spotlight that can make or break the performance. Clients often express the desire to enhance their self-assurance and assertiveness, whether it's acing that crucial presentation or confidently asserting their needs in personal and professional relationships. Feeling confident they know how to communicate what they want effectively.

Effective Stress Management:

Ah, the constant companion of modern life – stress. I’m often working with clients on developing coping mechanisms and stress-busting strategies. What would help them stop overthinking? How can they learn to not focus on the negatives? Is it possible to silence the imposter syndrome voice?

Executive Coaching

Strategic Leadership:

In the fast-paced arena of executive leadership, mastering the art of strategic decision-making and cultivating a strong culture are arguably the keys to success. How can I influence key decisions? What can I do to boost motivation and productivity? How can I get the results I and the business need? These are all questions we can work through to help build a strong core for success.

Executive Presence and Powerful Communication:

Picture the leader who commands the room with a mere entrance, exuding gravitas and assurance. I work with clients on how to cultivate an executive presence that captivates and influences. How can you refine your communication skills, body language, and emotional intelligence to be successful at what you do? What can make you more influential?

Transitioning into Executive Roles:

The step into an executive role is more like a monumental stride, filled with challenges and opportunities. Clients come to me to help them navigate this transition seamlessly, from mastering the nuances of C-suite dynamics (and politics) to establishing a leadership style that aligns with not just the organisational objectives but also with their own values.

Parental Leave Support

The intersection of working and parenthood is a pivotal point often overlooked. The delicate dance between work commitments and the demands of parenthood can be exhausting and overwhelming. I’ve helped clients create strategies to seamlessly integrate their professional and parental roles, helping them find the right balance for themselves and their circumstances, while also thriving at both. By providing a supportive framework (not only for my client but also their line manager), I help my clients navigate the complexities of parental leave, reintegrate themselves into the workforce, and maintain a professional presence while actively participating in their children's lives.

Do any of these ring true to you? Maybe even more than one? Coaching may be the next step for you. Let’s discuss what you’re thinking and get you on the right path toward personal and professional growth.


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